Viral Hepatitis report and National Programs for control in Kingdom of Jordan-2010

The Kingdom of Jordan is located in Middle East and the population’s size is around to 8 million. The ethnicity of the Most of people is Arab and GDP per capita is $4,674 (according to 2011 estimation). Jordan offers everything from world-class historical and cultural sites like Petra and Jerash to modern entertainment in urban areas most notably Amman. Jordan is divided into 12 provinces known as governorates, which, in turn, are subdivided into 54 departments or districts called nawahi. In Jordan Hepatology is practiced by Gastroenterologists & Hepatologists (they are 86 physicians as number, 25-30% of them who are practicing hepatology), and they are concentrated in the main 4 medical sectors in Jordan (Ministry Of Health, Royal Medical Service – Army, Universities and private sector). You can find the Jordan consensus 2010 (published in 2010 and can be also downloadable from MOH website) here. I think sharing the experiences can help us to have better control of viral hepatitis in the region.

Link of Kingdom of Jordan

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