Progress toward elimination of hepatitis B virus transmission in Oman: impact of hepatitis B vaccination


Authors: Al Awaidy ST, Bawikar SP, Al Busaidy SS, Al Mahrouqi S, Al Baqlani S, Al Obaidani I, et al.

Source: Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013;89(4):811-5.


Approximately 2-7% of the Omani population has chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. To decrease this burden, universal childhood hepatitis B vaccination was introduced in Oman in 1990. The hepatitis B vaccination strategy and reported coverage were reviewed. To assess the impact of the program on chronic HBV seroprevalence, a nationally representative seroprevalence study was conducted in Oman in 2005. Since 1991, hepatitis B vaccination in Oman has reached almost every eligible child, with reported coverage of >/= 97% for the birth dose and >/= 94% for three doses. Of 175 children born pre-vaccine introduction, 16 (9.1%) had evidence of HBV exposure, and 4 (2.3%) had evidence of chronic infection. Of 1,890 children born after vaccine introduction, 43 (2.3%) had evidence of HBV exposure, and 10 (0.5%) had evidence of chronic infection. Oman has a strong infant hepatitis B vaccination program, resulting in a dramatic decrease in chronic HBV seroprevalence.


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