Dear Colleagues,

The 6th International Tehran Hepatitis Congress (THC6) was held in Tehran in May 2015, focusing on viral hepatitis. THC6 presented the latest topic and the cutting edge of the field of hepatitis to a large audience of specialists, active in gastronology or hepatology, particularly those involved in basic research and in the clinical care of patients with liver diseases. This conference concentrated on burden of the viral hepatitis in Iran and the region, as well as the diagnosis and new treatments of viral hepatitis.

Along with THC6, the successful First Glob Hepatitis Community Meeting was held . This premier international platform brought together worldwide experts and specialists from various countries and communities which facilitated scientific communication between researchers who are working in the field of viral hepatitis and other liver diseases. This meeting also tried to make a link between epidemiologists, clinicians, pathologists, virologists, and specialists in transfusion medicine as well as research and laboratory centers from Iran and the world. Holding such meeting will help us to learn about the latest advances in interdisciplinary hepatitis research and provide an opportunity in which international exchange between leading experts in the field of hepatitis treatment and elimination will take place. Moreover, societies and governments will be able to identify the roadblocks which are preventing collaborative implementation of national action plans.

Therefore, we announce our readiness to hold the second Glob Hep Comm Meeting in the region, and any suggestion about the place and date of meeting would be welcomed.


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